403. Bird Bath: a relaxation and story for your nap time routine

403. Bird Bath: a relaxation and story for your nap time routine

The summer weather is hot and dry, and the neighborhood birds are thirsty!

Narrator: Male

Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 6:52

Bird Bath Excerpt:

The ground was dry – very, very dry. It hadn’t rained in several weeks; actually Carrie the Cardinal couldn’t exactly remember the last time it had rained. Grass had changed from green to brown. The temperatures were very high, and the whole earth felt parched.

Nevertheless, the little bird admitted to herself, the world was still very beautiful. Trees were green, including the beautiful maple tree in which she had built her nest. Flowers bloomed. The sun shone dazzlingly bright. The sky was deep blue, with a few scattered clouds, bright and white, high in the sky. Whether she was sitting in a tree or flying in the air, Carrie always enjoyed cloud-watching, imaging that she saw pictures formed by the shape of the clouds. But these clouds were very high and far away, and Carrie knew that no rain would come from those clouds for a long time.

Carrie was thirsty and was feeling a tired from the heat. She knew if she flew a long distance, she could find some water – she knew there was a big pond in a nearby neighborhood. But it would take her a while to get there, and she just didn’t feel like she had enough energy. She needed water for energy – but she couldn’t get water without having energy first! What was she going to do?

Today’s Meditation: Feel your body fill with warmth and love as you send your loving energy to the world.

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