Thank you Ahway Island
Everything about this podcast and group of people is nothing but amazing. This podcast has been apart of me and my 3 kiddos nightly routine for nearly a year . My 1 year old absolutely loves it. I know when it’s bedtime. She goes and puts on Ahway island on the iPad. I also Just purchased them t-shirts. Because I want to really see if the kids were really into it. And Yes ..BINGO. There sleeping in 15-20 minutes. Two words……LifeSaver. Thank to everyone who works with and for this company. You guys rock. Please don’t stop what you do. You are appreciated.


Very Effective

Love this relaxing meditation podcast- been utilizing it for a year for my son and its a winner !!!!!


Now You’ve made it to the end of the day & need to calm down the stir-crazy children before bed. May I suggest the Ahway Island podcast? Each one starts with a guided meditation and includes a calm little story. Zoe asks for episodes if she can’t sleep.


My 5 yr old uses this to help calm down for bed … dragon breaths have helped her calm down when angry or dealing with big emotions, she waits for new episodes and refuses to miss episodes. Thank you!


My four year old loves this podcast. She loves taking dragon breaths and breathing out fire. She loves the body scan and stays engaged the entire time.