183. The Search: a kid’s mindful story and guided relaxation

183. The Search: a kid’s mindful story and guided relaxation

Inspired by Odin the owl’s story Dragon searches for Opel the oak in the enchanted forest.

Hello everyone!  We hope you enjoyed our new story this week. Now, welcome to Favorite Friday! Sometimes we like to listen to our favorites again. Please enjoy “The Search” and we’ll be back with a new story on Monday!

Narrator: Male

Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 6:17

The Search Excerpt:

Sunlight flickered at the entrance of the dragon’s cave, gently teasing the sleepy dragon to come outside.  The dragon smiled and remembered the owl’s tale. The story of Opel the ancient Oak, chopped down to a stump, and now sustained through the love and energy of the other trees through their roots had really impressed the caring dragon.  Now that the dragon had satisfied the forest animals’ curiosity, it was time to search for that magnificent tree.  The determined dragon sat up from the mossy bed and stretched.  First, it was time to think about how to approach the challenge.  It would be difficult to spot the stump flying above. The other trees would have Opel shielded. So the dragon would need to explore on foot.  The dragon had never seen the tree stump, so the Oak was probably further into the forest than the dragon had been.  The dragon needed a plan to find a way home, since the oak stump was probably in an area of the forest where it would be easy to get lost.  The dragon looked around the cave and found some sparkling rocks.  They would work great! The dragon could set them on the ground as a clue of which way to go.  The dragon filled a little bag with the sparkling rocks and set off on the adventure.


The forest felt peaceful today. Sunshine filtered through the trees and danced on the ground, as branches swayed and leaves fluttered in the breeze.  Everything still looked very familiar.  All the paths were open and friendly.  The dragon knew from Odin the Owl’s story, that Opel the Oak stump was tucked deep in the forest, far away from the easy paths.  Looking carefully at the trees and the ground for any sign of an old path, the observant dragon noticed that the trees seemed to be growing closer together. The dragon smiled, thinking this was probably the way to the old oak. The clever dragon took a sparkling rock out of the bag and placed it on the ground outside one tight opening. The dragon weaved through the tight trees, stopping occasionally to set a sparkling rock on the ground, to show the way home.  Now the trees were so close, it was becoming difficult for the dragon to get through.  As the dragon squeezed between two pine trees, it thought they mumbled something.  Listening intently, the dragon decided it must have been the wind.  The dragon kept moving forward, careful to move the branches gently, when they were in the way.  Voices echoed in the wood.  “Look at this one.”  “Do you think it’s ok to let it by?”  “See how gently it moves our branches.” “I think it’s ok.” Now the dragon knew it was the trees who were whispering, not the wind.  Opel the oak must be close.  The trees must have sensed the kindness in the dragon, because they began to move their branches gently out of the way, so the dragon could pass through.  Weaving through the last bit of the tight forest, the dragon finally reached a slight opening. Sun shined brightly on a large stump, surrounded by happy purple and white flowers.  The dragon smiled, knowing that this must be Opel the oak.  The dragon stood still for a moment, taking in the energy of peace, love, and an ancient wisdom that filled the air.

Today’s Meditation: Relax in the grass as you imagine sunlight warming you from head to toe.

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