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From Our Listeners

My 6yo listens to your podcasts every night before going to sleep. We’ve been listening to your relaxation and stories for a few months now. It’s helped him calm down and unwind, and it’s been awesome. Thank you!!

Bravo bravo!! Very calming

I can’t sleep at night but this really helps you get you get first place medal 🥇 for best calming podcast ever

About Ahway Island

On Ahway Island®, your child experiences an inclusive world.  Our mission is to help all kids accept, appreciate, and love all their beautiful differences, in both themselves and others.  Tune in to our stories for the everyday adventures of all your favorite friends. There’s something for everyone! Our Island is the home to caring cars, friendly forest animals, curious kids, silly sea creatures, our delightful Dragon, and so much more!

Be Calm on Ahway Island® is a soothing podcast to teach self-regulation and calm.  We teach self-soothing techniques and understanding of solutions to everyday situations to help grow your child’s confidence and positive behaviors.

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