Original children’s stories for nap timebedtime and any time it’s relax time!

Be Calm on Ahway Island features relaxing, short stories for kids to listen to free!  Each story contains a guided meditation and positive message.  You can find us on your favorite podcast app, Spotify, and iTunes or subscribe below to get an email when a new story is released!

A Beginning: Baby Turtle Adventure Kid’s Story

Tanya the sea turtle waits for the others to be ready to hatch out of their shells. She is ready for a baby turtle adventure! There’s an exciting world beyond her nest.

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A Happy Helper: a kid’s nap time story with progressive relaxation

Rogelio is a happy helper. When he notices his dad struggling with the laundry he jumps up to help.  Together they have fun cleaning up the house!

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A Cheerful Ride: a kid’s bedtime, nap time story and relaxation

Mia knows her family enjoys going for a cheerful ride on their bikes, but she is still learning. With a little help from her mom and cheering from her dad and brother, she can do it!

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