Today’s Short Story for Kids (EP300): Magical Chair: a bedtime story and relaxation

After moving to a new home, Winfield the wheelchair decides to help Brian find new friends.  Will the magical chair find them at a colorful park?

Today’s Meditation for kids:

Feel your body fill with warmth and love as you send your loving energy to the world.

Magical Chair Excerpt

The little wheelchair waited patiently while the boy buckled into the comfy seat. Winfield the wheelchair could tell Brian felt lonely in their new town. The family had just moved in and the little boy missed all his friends. Outside the sun shined brightly on the winding sidewalk. That gave Winfield an idea. Maybe Brian would meet some kids if they explored the neighborhood. Brian’s dad must have understood what Winfield was thinking. He suggested, “Why don’t we go outside for a walk?

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