816. Astronaut Dragon: a story and relaxation for kids

Callie and Anora embark on an exciting space adventure with Dragon, exploring imaginary constellations.

Narrator: Female

Story Begins: 3:46

Astronaut Dragon Excerpt:

Even though it was the weekend, Callie woke up especially early. Today she was going to play at her best friend Anora’s house.  Callie and Anora had a lot in common. They both loved playing what they called “imagination stories,” where they would make up a story then act it out. Sometimes they were adventurers exploring a new land. Other times they pretended to be geologists, making discoveries about the planet. And other times, they pretended to be veterinarians, taking care of their stuffies as if they were real animals needing treatment. The best part of playing “imagination stories” is they could pretend to be anything they wanted to!

On this day, Anora told Callie she had also invited over another friend – a new friend that Callie had never met. When Callie had asked who the friend was, Anora said it was Dragon! Having lived on Ahway Island for some time now, Callie had seen Dragon flying overhead in the sky, but had never actually met Dragon up close. Generally, Callie felt shy about meeting new friends, but Anora had spoken so nicely about Dragon that Callie felt more excited than shy. She was ready to meet Dragon.

Today’s Meditation: Imagine you are a twinkling star, receiving and sending energy through the universe in today’s meditation.

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