Be Calm on Ahway Island® Podcast features relaxing, original short stories for kids!  Each episode begins with a guided meditation and contains a positive message — perfect for bedtime, nap time, or any time it’s relax time!

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209. BCAI: Frog Fun: a calming meditation and children’s tale

Freddie Frog along with Tanner and Tad the toads pick things to do, forgetting that Sachi the Snake can't hop. Will they give their friend a chance to choose?


547. Cozy Cove: a relaxing short story and meditation

When Connor Cleaner Fish gets a visit from some traveling fish, he realizes that it's good to take a break sometimes.


208. BCAI: Thankful Dragon: a soothing relaxation and kid’s bedtime story

Dragon relaxes and thinks about the forest animals. Feeling grateful, Dragon plans a party.


545. Sharing at the Sanctuary: a meditation and bedtime story for children

Kian Koala learns that it's more fun to share and play with others when new toys arrive at the Ahway Island Animal Sanctuary.


207. BCAI: Wheee!: a relaxing story and mindful relaxation

Feeling confident on her bike, Max and Mia go out for a ride and find a little hill. How will Mia do?


543. A Mountain of Snow!: a meditation and calming story